My GaryCon XII / 2020 games approved and scheduled!

I have four games at GaryCon XII/2020 this year! I'm so glad to be returning to one of my favorite events in the Midwest. If you get a chance, come play some games with me!

Friday - 10am
Rescue of Hommlet—A Chainmail/OD&D Game

A discrete summons has reached your ears, for the good people of Hommlet are in fear for their lives! A militia of foul brigands from Nulb have been spotted near the old Moathouse of ill reputation! What evil lurks there and beyond? Find out, brave heroes, using Chainmail (and a bit of Original D&D) as the rules of engagement as we explore this famous Greyhawk setting!

Those of you who are part of the Chgowiz Henchfolk army have seen previous postings on my models and rules for this scenario. I'm so excited!

I'm doubly-excited that GaryCon has invited me to run this game in the "Legends of Roleplaying" room as well!

Legends of Roleplaying is an ongoing series of events at Gary Con that pay special attention to the early days of roleplaying that led to the development of Dungeons & Dragons and the legacy of games created to further expand the hobby.

These nostalgic events bring Gary Con attendees the fun of classic roleplaying games that were a staple during the early days of the hobby and Gen Cons past. The original rules, vintage figures, and authentic accessories will be used during play when possible. Sometimes the events will involve individuals who played, refereed, and authored the games during this golden age of roleplaying. Most events will be taught and so all that is needed is interest to play. This gives Gary Con attendees a chance to experience what it was like to play these games at the earliest Gen Cons and even Gary Gygax’s own home at 330 Center St. in Lake Geneva!

So no pressure... *gulp* 

Friday 6pm

Go underground in dark tunnels and chambers filled with horrors or treasures! Brave Lawful allies fight against foul Bestials! Who will emerge victorious? Fight in a unique terrain setup using Chaos Wars fantasy miniature wargaming rules and all genuine Ral Partha armies!

I'm bringing fantasy wargaming underground, using my modular tile system and Ral Partha Chaos Wars wargaming rules. I've been looking forward to running this at GaryCon! Instead of a skirmish or small party, bring an army into the dungeon and see how it goes! 

Saturday 7pm

It's an easy enough job: Get into the Royal Palace, steal the King's Secretary's Seal and return with it, for a reward worth ten years' wages. But nothing is ever simple, is it? Especially when you interrupt something far, far worse, and the opportunities may be far, far bigger. Come experience the world of Etinerra, a campaign ten years going!

I'm continuing a tradition almost a decade old, of running a Saturday night AD&D game at GaryCon and having it take place in my Chronicles of Etinerra world. This year, I'm doing something different. Inspirations from Ocean's Eleven, the Lut Gholein Act of Diablo 2, my twisted imagination and a game I ran for my wife in her campaign. It should be a lot of fun!

Sunday 10am

Same as Friday 6pm game. I like closing out GaryCon with a miniatures game. Sometimes Sunday morning games are very low key and lightly attended, so we'll see how it goes. 

I hope to get some playing time on Thursday and on Saturday. Plus check out the vendor room and drool over the things I'm not going to be able to buy. Ha!

Are you going to GaryCon? What are you looking forward to playing or running?