Micheal “Chgowiz” Shorten is a long-time Dungeons & Dragons player and referee. He’s been writing about his gaming and campaign since 2008 and has published two blogs about Old School style role playing. (Old Guy RPG BlogChicagoWiz’s Games)

Michael is one of the authors who created the One Page Dungeon. He also wrote the Swords & Wizardry Quick Start module and has contributed to magazines like Fight On! and Knockspell. He's also been a champion of the "Three Hexes" campaign starter concept - an idea that you don't need a ton of work to start a campaign.

When he’s not running games, painting miniatures or writing about D&D and wargaming, Michael also raises 5 children/6 grandchildren, works in IT and takes care of ThePrincessWife. He rides his Harley when he can, and the PrincessWife is usually on back yelling “WEEEE!”

You can find The Dungeon Master’s Handbook on Facebook, on Twitter, and the podcast is currently hosted on Soundcloud.

You can contact Michael at chgowiz@gmail.com