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Starting a Roll20 game set in my Etinerra world

Come play in my decade-long AD&D campaign on Roll 20!

I'm looking for players who would like to play in my Chronicles of Etinerra AD&D campaign world. This would be online, using Roll 20 for the tabletop and Discord or Google Hangouts for voice.

Looking at probably bi-weekly, Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm Central, last till 9:30pm or 10pm. Central.

Here's a link to the campaign wiki. Here's a link to the houserules.

In a nutshell, Etinerra is a fantasy post-apocalypse world, where civilization is in retreat, the Bestials and Dark Ones seem to have the upper hand, and heroes are needed to push back the tide of Chaos!

I currently host two games - one is a tabletop (in the Duchy of Irecia, that green area to the center-right) and one is play-by-post (in the Duchy of Occidens, that green area to the bottom left).

Interested? Let me know! It would be awesome to game with you!

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