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Something different - thoughts on the Mass Effect games

Having never played Mass Effect before, I just finished my binge of #1 - 3 today. I'm having similar to feels to how I do when I finish a great series of books - withdrawal and introspection.  (Spoilers follow) I had enough "war points" that I could do all three endings, but not quite enough to get the secret ending, but I watched that on YT, so I'm satisfied. I copied my save folder at the decision point so I didn't have to replay the last 30 min two more times. If you've never played the series, get the Legendary Edition. (It may still be free on Prime Gaming). It's a very cool series and if you're like me and just interested in story, you can set difficulty to where it's mainly about narrative, combat is set to super easy. If you're a gamemaster/DM type, there are a ton of things to mine from this game. The world building in this series is amazingly intense. I found myself going back to the codex even after the games were over, just to learn

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