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Why Dragons Should Never Lose

 Back in the 'aughts, WotC had a forum set up for folks to discuss D&D. I yoinked this little tidbit from one of the user profiles on that old (and either migrated or closed) forum. I didn't save their name and can't find them in - so I can't attribute it. Although written for 3e/4e, the mindset herein definitely is something that ALL my BBEVs should be doing... and maybe yours as well. It's just a thought... enjoy! Why Dragons Should Never Lose -You think you have the element of surprise, By the time you reach my lair, I'll have figured out what you're capable of by watching your progress through my traps and guards. If a snot-nosed wizard with a meager 15 Int is smart enough to cast alarm before he goes to bed, what makes your think my lair won't be coated with it? -Your casting spells and wielding weapons with my elemental weakness? Okay, I cast protection from elements, or If my DM owns the draconomicon, take a few feats and eliminate

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