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Guess it's not meant to be - for now

  Well, I tried.  I got some folks interested in possibly playing a run through the classic module U1 - The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh.  I just couldn't do it. I had a panic attack this morning just doing prep... not a good sign! As I told my players, I respect their time and I won't waste it by trying to force something that is not ready. And clearly, I'm not ready. I just don't feel the motivation or desire to be creative. Not for painting, modeling, even playing PC games or wargames.  Right now, gardening, hunting, fishing, camping, marksmanship... those seem to be the things that I can do right now. So... once again, the face to face/online games are going on hiatus. The Play-by-post game is fine, I can deal with that for some reason because I can do it in real tiny dribs and drabs, when it hits me.  So we'll see. Maybe I'll get the mojo back after we progress with vaccination through the summer and can start meeting in person. I dunno. Stay safe and be we

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