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Etinerra at War - Winter 70, 58 AD to Spring 30, 59AD

The Duchy of Pisces, attacked and cut off from the rest of the Kingdom by the fearsome Bestials, is counterattacking! Duchess Childress has marched her loyal forces and reinforcements towards the fallen stronghold of Arcpoint, while the neighboring Southron Duchy reels from a series of vicious battles leaving their forces weakened.

The final battle of Year 58 occurred on the 70th day of Winter, as the aggressive orc war-chief Yagomog attacked the Army of Tel Anon, which had moved up the road to cover the Hashan Army’s move back. Both army’s left flanks were crushed, and Yagomog himself knocked out during the fight, but he managed to survive and escape capture! The orcs were forced to retreat and it took the harsh whip of their War Chief to reorganize them.

The humans shift their Knights around to keep from being flanked, while the Bestials bring a Mountain Ogre Behemoth with them.

The fighting is deadly as the Orc Shooters wreak havoc on the Humans left flank. The humans crush the Bes…

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