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Terrain Build: Underground Modular Tiles

I just finished creating a set of 24 modular tiles that I can use to create battlefields that are underground or in the Underworld! I made them for wargames, Chaos Wars, specifically, but I could also easily use them for D&D play as well.

This idea came from the Ral Partha Chaos Wars Campaign Book #8 - Clash of Runes & Bone. In it, there are rules for generating battlegrounds underground.

If you've read my blog, you know that I have a weird interest in taking armies underground. It's just a fascinating scenario to consider - the limitations on terrain, the change in tactics, the nasty hand-to-hand combat that would ensue.

So the terrain type out of the Chaos Wars book appealed to me. The fact that this was meant to be a modular approach by using downloadable tiles that could be printed tweaked the terrain builder in me. If the intent was to print these out and affix the prints to 12" x 12" tiles... why not make a 3D set of tiles?

I considered a couple of appr…

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