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Griffon's Keep - a Battle Map for AD&D/Roll20

To keep my games alive, I've pivoted to online/virtual tabletop play. To help make the games feel more personal, I purchased a yearly subscription to Zoom. (If you do this, use the coupon code and save some money!) Last night, my Western Borders group got together on Zoom, and it worked great! Both video and audio quality were clear. It was wonderful to see my online players for the first time!

As a surprise, I wanted to give the Western Borders folks a better experience in their current quest. They've been battling the inhabitants of Griffon's Keep (a ruined castle complex deep in the forests) for nearly a calendar year, and they are getting close to the finish. So, I did a bit of research and bought a copy of DungeonDraft. This is a very easy-to-use piece of software that makes creating these top-down maps a cinch. If you've used Wonderdraft - the world-mappiung software, you're familiar with "Megasploot" and their coding. DungeonDraft is similar in app…

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