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[Three Hexes] The Vacation of Death

Campaign: Death is sick and tired of the murder-hobos, the attacks on good people by evil monsters, the never-ending carnage, the constant headaches (and paperwork) of dealing with wars, so they have taken a vacation to a tropical island for some much needed rest. This has meant that nobody is staying dead, though - and has led to chaos and unrest! What will you do during the week that death isn't permanent and the impossible now appears possible?

Homebase (Hex 0) (0100): Townesburg - The "Days of Life" have left the town authorities overwhelmed and the streets full of impromptu death-stunts and robbery on a scale never seen before. Power and wealth is changing hands faster than new gangs and mercenary groups can be formed, and the opportunities are growing as more small armies form with the intent of taking (or protecting) as much as they can. The wealthiest neighborhood has become a virtual fortress, with the latest protections in weapons and "other means" (ar…

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