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[Three Hexes] The World of Below

Campaign: The Old Ones, they said that once we came from above, that we ruled the Abovebeyond and even something called "the skyz", but that we sinned and failed and we had to live down here, in the Below. Nobody knows for sure, though, and we can't ask them anymore, because the Old Ones, the Guardians, the machines that helped to repair the scrubs and filters, they all stopped working. The witches, they keep the things going as best they can, with spells and scrap and maybe luck, but now we have to explore more, find more and even commit the greatest sin, go as high as we can back up to the forbidden Abovebeyond. 

Homebase (Hex 0) (0100): Amy's Falls - This is a small village of buildings built of rock and shroma stalks, located next to the eponymous waterfall that descends deep into a Dark Hole. The giant filters and water-claimers serve as the center of the village, with the three witches who monitor the filters acting as de-facto leaders. The demise of the Old One…

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