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[Three Hexes] Where Do I Go From Here?

Last week, I published my 52nd Three Hexes - FINALLY reaching my goal of a year's worth of campaign starters. It took me a lot longer than a calendar year - I had a huge creative dry spell hit.

So now what?

Well, I've been thinking about what to do with these campaign starters since I started the series. I've gotten some great feedback on how helpful they were, how they were getting used. That's awesome! That's the kind of thing that really keeps me going, knowing that someone else made use of what I create.

So I have an idea to make them into a book. Right now, I'm going through them, and revamping them. I'm taking a page from Bryce's preachings over at and making them far more useful. I'm trying to make each sentence have something concrete in it. Rather than just fluff or background or atmosphere, try to wrap those into something that is immediately useful as a "thing" - whether it's a faction, opponent, NPC, magical…

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