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[Three Hexes] Lands Beyond Time

Campaign: The PCs entered the beckoning black portal, expecting to be transported to their home base, but instead find themselves stepping into a humid, thick jungle! The mountains are roughly where they should be, but there is no home town, no civilizations, only the call of prehistoric animals and a lake shore that wasn't there before! They realize that they've gone somewhere, perhaps back in time, or to a different alternative world, but first order of business is to find out if there's a civilization so they can get back to where they belong!

Homebase (Hex 0) (0101): Muddeskip - H A rough and dirty village of crude huts, a couple of long halls and even open lean-to's, full of humans living in the equivalent of the Early Dark Ages. They are vassals of the nearby Orc Warlord (0100), with half-orc outcasts in charge of the villagers who work the rough land in exchange for "protection" and "leadership." Despite the primitive nature of the humans, the…

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