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[Three Hexes] The Rebellion

Campaign:  For 200 years, the Arcanocrats have ruled the lands with an iron fist, their constructs keeping watch and dispensing harsh justice over the conquered. The free lands are wild wastes, full of strange beasts, magical creatures and the remnants of what used to be. This is where the rebellion begins, here in the shadow of the utopia that benefits only the rulers at the expense of the ruled.

Homebase (Hex 0) (0002):Roughlands: This rag-tag collection of tents, lean-tos and holes dug into the hard rocky dirt is a small base for the Rebellion, one that moves regularly as the Arcanocrats' forces are always lurking the scree. Services and supplies are available, but at a high price, as the black market is the only reliable way to get equipment. Recently, one team has brought back a treasure-trove of armor and weapons from a raid on the Keep to the north in the mountains, however, the rebels are about to move in anticipation of a heavy Arcanocrat response. 

Three Hexes
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