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Dungeon 23 - Wk 25 - Over 500 rooms!

Thanks to a steady pace and a recount, I've reached the 500 point, and then some! I'm at a total of 548 rooms, across 8 levels and 4 sublevels.  So what have I learned in the first 500 rooms? Nothing earth-shattering, probably stuff you have learned as well in your Dungeon23. This approach to creating content is tougher than I thought, and easier than I thought.  I've gotten into a rhythm of doing something per day. Even if just a single day "grid" area in my Techo. That actually ended up being fairly easy. Plus, having little things like these build blog posts, the campaign of players actively exploring, they all serve as motivators.  The tough part is not going whole hog and doing an entire level. Sometimes I'll let myself go and just create, it's fun, it's addictive in a way. For me, it takes just as much discipline to stop at a certain as it is to just do it daily. The tools matter. I've memorized a portion of the OD&D/AD&D Random Dunge

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