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HOTT 52 - Relearning the rules for the first two weeks.

I played two games of HOTT (Hordes of the Things) this weekend, to do my first two weeks' games for the HOTT 52 challenge. I'm now caught up so that I can do a "game a week" - I've got things set up so I can quickly generate a battlefield and two opposing armies, based on my Etinerra campaign world. Currently, I only have humans, orcs and goblins. I guess I might now have some motivation to get some elves, halflings and chaos humans!

So what happened in these battles?

The human army watches nervously as the orcs march over the plains grasslands towards them. The humans are set up to defend their encampment. The orcs have brought a mountain ogre with them, truly a fearsome behemoth! The humans have a flock of Giant Ravens, which they immediately set loose into the air!

The armies slowly approach each other. The orc and goblin archers quickly shoot down the Giant Ravens that the humans sent to their right flank. Knights of the Duchy make to follow.

With a bone-shat…

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