Episode 26 - Q&A on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Magic

Mr. Goblin's Henchman of Goblins Henchmen Podcast (https://anchor.fm/ghench) sent a message with two questions about AD&D - Magic Resistance and how spellbooks work in my campaign. I had great fun sharing the answers!

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  1. That was a quite involved procedure for handling spells and spellbooks. I know you've said you found a new appreciation for the rules as written after actually trying them out, but I wonder if you have felt tempted to streamline of of them now when you've tried it by the book for real?

    1. It hasn't felt too involved? At the table, when they want to copy a spell into their book, it takes x days and x gold, which seems to go well? I wonder if I explained it poorly?

    2. And to answer your question about streamlining combat, I've not found an area yet to streamline. We're still trying on the rules to see how they go. I find that they go pretty much as fast as previous combat did.

      I haven't yet incorporated weapon vs. AC type, so we'll see. ;)

    3. It might have been me being a bit off the ball listening, and not only your explanation. I was a bit confused.
      Sounds good that combat flows as fast as before. Funnily enough, the weapon vs. AC type was actually something I first thought would be somewhat easy to use, and segments and initiative something too cumbersome to bother with. :)

    4. No worries my friend. Please let me know if I can clear anything up!

      Have you tried weapon vs. AC?

    5. No, I actually never got that far. The game became a S&W game instead.


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