Western Borders - AD&D - Session 0 Recap

The first Roll20/Discord game set in my Etinerra world happened last Tuesday. We're going to meet every other Tuesday, from 7 to 9(ish) CST.

The cast of adventurers:

Corvin - a human Cleric of Yorkai, the pagan god of doors and thresholds.
Karl - an elven Magic-User/Thief
Mort - a bedraggled, mostly-naked human Druid, with some squirrels running around him
Fascul - a human Fighter
Obroam - a human Paladin, a champion of Tangadorin, the pagan god of light and revealing secrets
Pickles - a littleling (halfling) Thief

The first hour was normal session 0 stuff. Discord worked VERY well for our audio - there were none of the issues that I had experienced earlier in the year when I attempted my Ultima game online.

Then, we got into the "You meet..." part of the game except it was a bit different for the meeting:

* The PCs were traveling to the Duchy of Elthest, in the company of a group of (very) rural merchants and their horses. Their destination was the backwater village of Gireford.

* Terry and York spoke about rumors of recent attacks on travelers from the forests to the south of this trail.

* The party was surprised by an ambuscade of kobolds, which kill York's favorite horse in their opening hail of arrows!

* A merry battle, in which 2 PCs go to -1 hit points and 1 hit point. Terry takes off running away, screaming. York jumps into the fray alongside the adventurers.

* Karl was the kobold killer, knocking several down with his deadly bow, along with Mort, Fascul and Obroam. Seven kobolds are slain, they know of one that got away.

* Mort, after urging the remaining horses away from battle, and having a moment of silence for the dead horse, has a squirrel follow the fleeing kobold (and thereby selecting "follow" as a trick that he is teaching his animals as a result of the 'Animal Friendship' spell)

The PCs earned 700xp for killing the kobolds. They were very impressed that York had joined in the battle.

Our next session is on Tuesday, Dec 18th.


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