Chronicles of Etinerra - September post

A lot has happened in my campaign world since I last wrote about it in ... well hell, it's been almost a year!

I have three campaigns currently running in my world:

  • A 1st edition tabletop game that meets monthly on a Sunday
  • A 1st edition play-by-post game run on Rizzoma (a Google Wave clone)
  • A 5th edition "campaign" being run at the local library

I've also ran campaign related games at conventions:

  • A wargame won by the Orcs & Goblins, resulting the Southron Duchy being threatened more (GaryCon)
  • A wargame that was a draw between Orcs/Goblins and Humans, saving the city of Shallam, capital of the Duchy of Corridin (GaryCon)
  • A wargame won by the Sea Elves as they successfully raided the Human/Elf city of Nyrana (Little Wars)
  • A wargame won by the Humans as the Southron Duchy blunted a raid on their borders by Sea Elves (Little Wars)
  • A tabletop RPG event that saw heroes investigate strange goings on at the old Perinian Depths in the Duchy of Elthest. The heroes were never heard from again, and the lands around Perinia are suspect. (GaryCon)
  • A tabletop RPG event that saw heroes explore a crater once the demesnes of the Dark Ones. A single hero returned, gibbering about the return of the Dark Ones!
The tabletop campaign has experienced a lot as well over the past year:
  • They rescued the Marshal's daughter from a Black Brotherhood-held keep and retook the keep for the Duchy
  • They survived a fierce winter that saw more snow than has been seen for a generation.
  • The heroes rescued one of their own after he caroused with a witch and was turned into a pig!
  • The heroes prevented an assassination plot against the Duke, which also included two town riots, a mad chase through underground tunnels, a near TPK and fighting a mimic bed!

The play by post campaign has moved a lot more slowly than the tabletop game, which is the nature of the beast, but in the past year, they've:
  • Delved into the ruins of a mage's library, fought off strange guardians and found proof that Elves may have founded the abandoned island city of Ramathia.
  • Convinced the Elves to not go to war with the humans (yet) and instead investigate the abandoned city of Ramathia, to find clues for the Elven Search of their lost homelands.
  • Investigated Orc sightings in the distant Mount Keep and fought with a scouting party.
  • Investigated undead infesting a cemetary in the nearby town of Skalfier, and chasing off a necromancer!
The 5th edition library game just kicked off! I'm not running this as closely to timeline and events of the overall world, like the other games, given the nature of the library games. There is not a stable set of players, and the nature of the Board Games night means I will probably have new players each game. I've adapted the classic module B2 Keep on the Borderlands to my campaign. There may be faint overtones from the greater world bleeding in, but mostly will be in it's own bubble. That could change if the nature of the game changes!

Big events have just occurred in our past September game! Of a type where one of my players had this to say on Facebook:

These are the kind of things that make all the work worth it. I've been sitting on that little secret for almost a year now. Things are going to be continuing to change -- as the DM, I can't wait!

I continue to have the most awesome players though. They continue to surprise me with their thought, their involvement in my world, their ingenuity and enjoyment of my world. I'm really humbled that they continue to give their time and thought to this campaign. Thank you, all of you. :)


  1. It is my pleasure, Michael. Thank you for the time and world you allow us to play in and with!


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