Welcome to Winter, 59AD! (In Pictures)

Winter has come to my campaign world, and with that, the Harvest Feasts at the Years End have been eaten. A New Year starts - goodbye 58AD, welcome 59AD!



The last of the harvest has been stored.


The northern areas are hunkering down for the expected winter snows. The Southern areas are waiting to see what the Winter rains bring.


Some of the Duchies are taking advantage of the Winter to prepare forces, especially those who have heard the news of the Orcs attacking the Duchy of Pisces. In that war torn area, armies continue to wage war, with only the rain slowing them down.

And in the Duchy of Irecia, where the tabletop players are located, the damage around the recently-freed town of Yew is devestating.


(Pictures from all over the web. Original authors/rights holder retain all rights.)