Dark Ages Campaign - Winter/Spring wargames begin

I've been busy sketching out what the Winter (and Spring) wargame campaigns will look like in my world. Well, Winter and Spring within my world. Happy New Year! It's 59AD.

This is what the world looks like at the start of Winter. Red is Orc/Black Brotherhood held lands.

I have 2 ongoing wargame campaigns in 2 of the Duchies of my lands - Orcs/Goblyns vs. Humans. One of these is in the same Duchy that my tabletop PCs play in. (the "Duchy of Irecia" on the map - the players are based out of that small town at the 3 road intersection near all that red.) The other campaign is in the Duchy of Pisces - the Orcs have cut off the Duchy from the rest of the lands.

I'm about to kick off 3 more campaigns in 3 more Duchies. This is what my GaryCon and Little Wars wargames will be a part of. Every game counts!

Tracking these requires my using Roll20 like a hex/counter game board and ongoing documents where I track each turn and the activities and results.

One side effect - I now have to track/coordinate weather between the wargames and the tabletop game. Thanks to Obsidian Portal and GM-only adventure logs, I can do that!

Crazy? Yes. I hope that eventually, I can get other wargame enthusiasts to participate, once I have the kinks worked out.


  1. Sounds fun. I like that the outcome of a routine wargame (whatever the rules may be) can have ramifications beyond the win or loss of the participating gamers.

  2. I like the map -- which program did you use to draw it?

  3. @Desert Scribe - I've been doing this for over a year now, and it works out very well! Makes for a very rich experience for everyone involved.

    @Chris C - Hexographer. I've been using it since 2009!


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