Addendum to X2 Castle Amber post...

An addendum to my post last week about the venerable TSR Basic/Expert module, X2 Castle Amber, and a link to my edits.

I ran this game on Thursday evening. The game was a huge hit. The party didn't make it past the West Wing, as we started late and folks were too tired after traveling. It was about 2 1/2 hours of play and fighting. Tons of fun!

1. Players HATED Jean Louis and didn't trust him, even after they won 10,000 gold coins from him! They more trusted a dozen rakasta (cat people) in an orgy room. Go figure.

2. They were fascinated and freaked out by the Hall of Mirrors. Because they befriended the rakasta, they were warned about it.

3. The dinner took out a third of the party, to become either ghostly servants or, in the case of one player, died of poisoning from the mushroom soup so badly, he turned into a mushroom. No resurrection for this one!

So they didn't get to the rest of the module, but that's OK. I never expect the players in an event game to make it through, half the fun is just seeing what craziness they come up with.

Some of you expressed interest in my changes, to make the mansion come "alive" with factions, purpose or just a better (in my opinion) flow. I'm linking to the document with three caveats:

1. This is changed to a more salacious, kinky theme - decadent sexuality and outright in-your-face, 50-Shades-esque (without the shitty writing) themes. You were warned...

2. This is written in the left page map, right page One-Page-Dungeon key, so that when I open my binder, everything is there. I printed out the module to have as back-up, but ran mainly from the key.

3. I ran this as d20/d6 game - all hit points and damage was d6 based. You will have to convert back to your favorite flavor and approach of D&D.

Let me know what you think!


  1. Finally had a chance to read this along-side the original module. I really like your changes, and I think they make it both easier to run and much more interesting from a player perspective, even with prurient interests aside.

    Thanks for sharing this!


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