Ral Partha/Iron Wind Metals announces their Wave 2 Kickstarter - March/April

"we hope to launch the kickstarter funding period sometime in late March or early April."
And oh my stars and screaming, wailing wallet, this looks like a massive amount of re-releases and new miniatures to look at.

Some of the goodies:
... re-release many classic Ral Partha Dwarves, Troglodytes, and Undead; but will also include the release of several previously unreleased miniatures, and many completely new and unique sculpts. 
The very hard to find Female Dwarf, sculpted by Dennis Mize. 
Skeletal War Dogs by Chris Atkin, and a Skeletal Dog-Handler by Julie Guthrie. 
Units of Lycanthropes (also great for Norse armies), featuring 4 sculpts by Dennis Mize, and Tom Meier’s classic Werewolf, and Wolfman sculpts.   
One of the Witches is a previously unreleased ‘Night Hag’ sculpt by Julie Guthrie.   Three of the Necromancers are from the hard to find All-American Series. 
We have enlisted several talented Ral Partha alumni to expand our ranges; specifically Dave Summers, John Winters, and Julie Guthrie. 
Re-Releases of the Ral Partha tabletop games Cavern’s Deep and Witch’s Cauldron.  (brought back by popular demand).

The word that comes to mind is "dizzying" in the number of figures and types they are announcing in this wave.

How will they manage it? Simple... the "buy-in" is to buy one figure- the Vampire-Queen sculpted by Julie Guthrie. Everything else is an add-on. Total it up, and you're done!

I think my approach will be to set a budget and see what I can manage to squeeze in on that budget.

And I don't have a single figure of the previous Wave painted!

If you want to see the full announcement and the list of the dozens of options and things, go here: http://www.ralpartha.com/index.php/13-news/55-kickstarter-wave-2-announcement


  1. Of all the miniature companies out there, Ral Partha is my favorite. As a consumer, I like to buy just one from time to time, just to paint as it is relaxing. I rarely use them during play, but this part of the hobby still provides a lot of enjoyment.


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