Three Hexes 'Zine #1

First, let me start off by blaming this fully on Paulo Greco. And by "blame", I mean I'm really frakkin' grateful that the dude wrote something that motivated me to start sharing again.

Announcing the Three Hexes 'Zine #1 (

I wanted to write a book and do a Kickstarter thing. I really, really did. Time and priorities told me that after 6 months, it wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

So, rather than let this stuff sit, I'm 'zining them. Hey, pay what you want! If it's worth $1.00USD to you, thank you! If you'd rather download for free, by all means, no worries. The buck goes to buying your cool stuff on DriveThruRPG anyway so....

Future 'zines are going to have those 52 Three Hexes posts with much better writing and some juicing up with extras.


  1. This is great to see Michael! This AND another podcast?!? You shower us with gaming goodness!!

    1. Thank you, that's really kind. I'm in a creative burst right now, and I'm not tying myself to deadlines and expectations. That helps quite a bit. It's really freeing to do it when I want, when I can.

    2. Agreed! Especially as life throws us all curve balls, having something one perceives as fun full of deadlines makes it more like work.


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