New Podcast Episode - 19 - Three Lessons from Recent Games

Surprise! I promised no set schedule for this podcast, and yet here I am, a week later, with another episode. I DM'd quite a bit of AD&D last week, so I thought I would cover some of the more interesting elements:
  • How I DM overland adventures
  • Playing a strange race that is very alien in thought
  • A quickie on AD&D by-the-book combat
  • What happens when a thief fails to pick a lock
I also talk a bit about my son, Vincent Victor, who lost his life last week.

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  1. I'm curious to hear more on by the book AD&D combat!

    Your experience with the alien fungus creatures sounds really interesting. I have heard so often that people feel they "grew out of" D&D because they want to play in games like that, where interactions with a weird secondary world is what they want, not the tactical combat minis game. I can appreciate that sentiment, while thinking that it can be done within the frames of D&D.

    That being said, there are some people who never seem to leave that zone, either because they need to switch to another game to see it is an option, and then there are people that defend the hack and slash minis game with their life! I really wish it was not so. Live and let live, and please open your mind. Right?

    Anyway. I'm rambling. Really cool look into your campaign in any case. I liked it a lot. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the kind comments, Andreas.

      I think of D&D as a framework. One where the setting and it's exploration can be defined by the rules or the play that uses the rules. I think it's a framework that allows for a spectrum of that sort of play. It's completely possible to have both the exploration of a 'weird world' and to have the tactical combat options. It ends up being up to us as DM/players as to where we fall on that spectrum. I try to keep it as open as possible.

      It's a great ramble!


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