New Podcast - Episode 20 - One on One Game; Making Towns and Cities

In this episode, I catch up on a couple of my AD&D games, as well as getting some momentum in playing my one on one OD&D campaign with my wife. Then I cover how I create towns and cities for my campaigns.

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Links from Episode:
The Domesday Book - Medieval Demographics Made Easy
Random Roadstop Generator
Village Generator
Jeff Rient's 20 Questions to Start a Campaign

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  1. That way of presenting the foes and friends the characters meet as sketchy and based on sensory impressions instead of names ("It's an orc, Jim") is one I really approve of. It reminds me of what James Raggi used to say about how scary it is to go down into a dark hole in the ground and risk life and limb. D&D as a horror game, basically. As I like the part where I explore a secondary world, that kind of experiencing the world and its inhabitants is what makes it fun.

    I like how you use Tekumel to add a little cultural spice to your setting. EPT is known for being hard to grasp, but using some "spice" like that is such an easy way to use that game!

    A great listen, as always.

    1. Hi Andreas, nice to hear from you. Indeed, that's something that I've seen the really good DMs/GMs do - "show not tell" - and it can be hard to do, but when it works, the players really hook into it.

      Tekumel has always been one of those mysterious places that I get the luxury to play in every now and again, and I hope that my Etinerra world is half as engaging as Prof Barker's creation. There is so much in that world, between the factions and the flavor that it screams to be borrowed from.

      Thank you for listening!


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