[Three Hexes] New Worlds

Campaign: Mages and scholars across the Nine Kingdoms have given their lords grave news - the reason for the increased heat and changing weather is that their world is moving closer to the Lightbringer! United in an effort to save the populations from death, the lords have funded the very first Sky Ship, a magical vessel created with the help of dwarfs, elves and even the orcs. A representative group of those same races will explore the heavens to seek out a new home!

Homebase (Hex 0) (0101): Veyun - Once a lush world, rich with deep forests, large plains perfect for agriculture and large oceans, Veyun has become a world on fire. Heat has destroyed the forests and turned the plains into dustbowls, while the oceans have become waters of death and decay, all of which has forced the races living there into war over the few resources remaining. Many have begun burrowing under the mountains, finding strange beings and artifacts that hint at mysteries of who came before.

Three Hexes
(Hex scale is approximately 1 week's travel by Sky Ship, under normal conditions)

Location 1 (0001): Tantek - A surprise awaits those who travel to the harsh, wind and dust blasted world of Tantek; it is the racial home of orcs! Dragons prowl the sky on Tantek and wily goblins and crafty kobolds compete with the orc tribes for resources and water. The forbidden city ruins on the shore of the Dusty Sea hold clues to Tantek's past, and possibly to Veyun's future!
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Location 2 (0102): Zantra - Solid clouds covered in vegetation and vast skies are what make Zantra a unique world, home to the Windlord species! Zantrans sport a mix of avian and human features, as well as a definite zest for combat and war. The tiny surface of Zantra is below the thickest clouds and the Zantrans see it as nothing of consequence; not knowing of the rich treasure in the ruins upon it!
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Location 3 (0103): Shuxon - This world of ice and snow is populated by an enigmatic species that resemble a cross between elves and Zantrans, with a vastly different civilization. They abhor anything that bring chaos and disorder to their lives; such lives spent in religious, philosophical or scientific study. The 98,512 inhabitants of this world keep their population in strict order and base their lives on sustaining that exact number at all times.  
(Link to Three Hex starter

A mini series within my weekly Three Hexes series, New Worlds will feature three hex maps for the three worlds, as well as this map covering the overall series. I never played Spelljammer, but I have a feeling that it would agree well with this sort of set up. Enjoy!

Every week, I will be posting "Three Hexes" - simple campaign starters to show that you don't need to do a lot to have interesting settings for people to play in. Feel free to use these in your game, campaign or as ways to spur on your own creativity and imagination!

I've purposefully left a lot of detail out because these are supposed to spur on your imagination! The scale is what I would use in my own world, but if something else suits you better, then go for it. I may have the features moved about on the hexes for clarity, if they don't suit you, move them!

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