Starting a Patreon - What do you think?

My history of publishing and being part of the RPG "machine" is short and brief. I have three things to credit to my name - my Swords & Wizardry Quick Start for the 2nd printing version (back in 2009.) A Swords & Wizardy "Ready Reference Sheets" for both that 2nd printing and for the 2009 era S&W White Box. I flirted with making a Sumerian OD&D module, but as I've already confessed, I made yet another "Orc with pie in a 10x10 room" module and that's not what I wanted. (and, these days, I don't think I could withstand the wrath of Bryce over at tenfootpole...) So basically beer money. To be honest, I struggle with thinking that what I do is interesting or cool. "I will never do a Kickstarter unless I have something ready to go... " is a mantra that I've stuck to since the time when things were just going nuts. I saw how things imploded with James Maleszewski and Dwimmermount, with John Adams and his problems, with a lot of RPG kickstarters. I've often had ideas of "what about this... or that...." and never explored them. But now I have these Three Hex things going on for about 6 months, and I don't really see an end to them. I've got a backlog of ideas and chugging them out weekly has been pretty comfortable. And there's the podcast. I've got great topics to finish out the season with and I'm thinking about how I can do a second season. So the thought of doing a Patreon has entered my mind. I have a stable and small audience, which totally rocks! I have some ideas about how I can make a Patreon interesting for them... but I'm curious to know what YOU think? Would you mind taking the survey below? You have to scroll down to answer all 3 questions - and just like when I kicked off the podcast, if you share your email address, I will use it only to announce if I start a Patreon and to share the link with you. Then I delete the list of email addresses. Let me know what you think, please! Create your own user feedback survey