[Podcast] Episode 7 - Including Mass Combat into D&D Campaign Games

Royal 20 B.xx,

In this episode, Michael explains how he finally found his Holy Grail - having a D&D game with a seamless transition from mass combat to 1:1 combat, and it was very easy!

Books/Supplements mentioned in this episode are:

Book of War by Daniel Collins
Printed version: http://www.lulu.com/shop/daniel-collins/original-edition-delta-book-of-war/paperback/product-17158134.html
PDF version: http://www.lulu.com/shop/daniel-collins/original-edition-delta-book-of-war/ebook/product-17391327.html

The Fellowship - Supplement to Book of War by Michael Shorten

Season 1 Episode 7 - Including Mass Combat into D&D Campaign Games

Intro music: Dragonaut by Bradley The Buyer (bit.ly/2ASpAlF)
Outro music: Dream by Wild Shores (bit.ly/2jbJehK)


  1. Your Book of War supplement is excellent. As you say in the show, finally a seamless "holy grail" that could actually work during a game session!

    1. Thank you! Yes, finally... I'm really grateful to Daniel Collins for having come up with such an elegant skirmish/mass combat set of rules that was easy to extend. If you try these out, let me know how it goes, please!

    2. I intend to when I get the chance, although it may be a while. The campaign I've just started consists of 1st and 2nd level characters, and, well… it's Barrowmaze, so I don't foresee a lot of opportunity for mass combat *yet*. (But with PCs like these, you really never know…)

    3. @John, you can indeed use Book of War to take 100 men into a dungeon - https://chgowiz-games.blogspot.com/2015/08/sir-reynalds-assault-of-monastery.html

    4. Ah, my apologies, it was actually Part 2 that talked a bit about how I used Book of War in a dungeon... https://chgowiz-games.blogspot.com/2016/01/taking-100-men-in-dungeon-act-2.html


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