[Podcast] Episode 5 - Running Multiple Games in Your Campaign

In this short episode, Michael cover the benefits and challenges of running multiple different games in your campaign - at the same time! It might feel like fighting a multi-headed dragon, but it's really a lot of fun!

Happy New Year! 

Season 1 Episode 5 - Running Multiple Games in Your Campaign

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  1. Hey there ChicagoWiz, just wanted to say that I've been enjoying the podcast. You're a welcome addition to my ever-growing play list.

    This episode regarding multiple game groups playing in the same campaign hit a cord with me because it's something I'm doing in the Lamentations of the Flame Princess campaign I started late last year, although at this point on a smaller scale.

    I was asked to run a one-shot evening for our weekly 5e game when our regular GM couldn't make it. I decided to run the group through James Walls' LotFP/Darkest Dungeon mash-up called "When the Lights Go Out." Unfortunately the PCs slaughtered about twenty villagers following a terrible misunderstanding. Despite not completing the adventure before being ran out of town, the group enjoyed the adventure and said they wouldn't mind continuing with their LotFP adventures when we weren't playing our regular 5e game.

    Shortly after that, I started a new in-house group. I originally planned to play a different game system and setting, but after finding myself short on prep time, decided to run the previous adventure again, but this time seven months later in the game world's time. When the new group arrived on the scene they got a very chilly reception from the suspicious locals, whose fortunes had taken a sharp downturn since the tragic slaughter .

    The second group of adventurers completed the scenario, and won over the locals enough that they were asked to look into another problem in the area.

    From that point on the two groups have been one step ahead, or behind each other, never meeting, but occasionally dealing with the repercussions of the the other group's actions all within a small area less than 30 miles across.

    I've populated the area with various LotFP adventures such as Death Frost Doom, Scenic Dunsmouth, and perhaps a side trip to Blood in the Chocolate as well as a healthy dose of material from the Vacant Ritual Assembly zine., all to give the two groups lots to do, or not do - whatever they decide. In the end I'd like to bring it all crashing down with Broodmother Sky Fortress, but nothing's written in stone.

    The shared campaign set up keeps things simple for me, cuts down on the amount of prep I have to do, and provides interesting outcomes for both groups and myself.

    I hope to one day have the two groups come together and perhaps sort out all the ways their stories were intertwined. It make for some fun in character discussions, or another unfortunate misunderstanding!

    Well enough about that! I'm looking forward to more episodes coming down the pipe. Keep doing what you're doing down Chicago way! Happy New Year and all the best in 2018!

    Here's the link to "When the Lights Go Out." : http://ilive4crits.blogspot.ca/2017/05/when-light-goes-out-lawful-good-gaming.html

    1. It sounds like a really neat campaign - that's really cool how it happened organically. I enjoyed reading that game report, very interesting!


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