Sosaria - Ultima RPG - Session #1

So you go to sleep, or lay back in your favorite Laz-E-Boy chair to catch a few zzzs....

Then you're having the most intense trippy dream you've ever had in your life. But instead of being all 2001-esque, you're seeing what looks like a combination of a Battle of Five Armies and some sort of gem being remade in a flowing lava stream.


And then you wake up on a hill, with 4 other folks... and none of you have a single clue as to how you got here or who anyone else is. Welcome to Sosaria!

There is:

Mera- Human Thief
Player: Fuzzy

Gareth - Human Mage
Player: Michael H

Naldo - Dwarf Fighter
Player: Doc

Tannivh - Elven Thief
Player: Jason

Eric - Bobbit Cleric
Player: Eric

They've got their street clothes, their keys, their wallets, smartphones, pocket knives... and the bobbit looks like a kid in adult clothing. The dwarf "from Chicago" is wondering where he got the righteous beard and the elf wants to go to that rustic looking farmhouse over yonder to see WTF is going on. They all shared the same dream and none are sure why they're here.

First, though, they hear the sounds of pursuit near them. They end up saving some farmer from some short, scrawny, gnarley looking dudes that seem to have jumped out of some fantasy film. Two tossed rocks and a couple of clubs upside the heads do the trick.

The next surprise - the farmer is talking in some language that is obviously not English, but they not only understand it, but can speak it as well. He calls this place "Sosaria" and says that "Britannia" and "Lord British's Castle" are nearby, but first, he's high-tailing it to Maple Village nearby because these creatures... they're raiding all over the place!

After some water and bread, Lyle The Farmer offers to accompany them to Britannia but has to get to Maple first. He doesn't know what a "Chevy" or "hybrid" is, but he's got an ass out back with a cart...

And that's where we ran out of time.

We shook out some of the kinks of using Roll20 and Discord. It all works pretty well, except for one of our players that had mic problems. He ended up using the Roll20 text chat to do his thing.

Pretty cool getting to finally start the Ultima campaign!


  1. I never did name my Cleric, did I? doh!

  2. I remember playing this over Google Wave a long time ago. Looking forward to reading more about it.

  3. Nice summary! Only issue: Mera is my character, not Michael H's. :D


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