The Miniatures Pledge - August

My pledge for the year is to paint everything in my backlog, which at the beginning of January was at 415 figures. I will limit my miniatures buying to any of the new Ral Partha figures coming from the Chaos Wars Wave 2 Kickstarter, and any needed figures to support specific things in my campaigns.
August was very busy in everything but the painting department - travel, summer and work. But I did manage to get some time with the brush.

Started August with 249 in the pile.

Painted 17 figures:

6 - Ral Partha Elven Archers (25mm)
9 - Ral Partha Elven Swordsmen (25mm)
2 - Grenadier Orcs (25mm)

I also put 6 minis into the Ebay pile to be sold this week.

Ended August with 226 figures in the pile. For the year, I have a net +189.

SEVEN MONTHS with no purchases! But I know that shipment of Chaos Wars Wave 2 is coming... gotta paint more faster!