Some peeks at Elven commander miniatures

I've been busy with prepping a bunch of minis to prime and taking my time working on commander figures. The commanders get extra-special treatment; I'm painting them using the full 3 color Dallimore/Foundry method. Through this, I've discovered two things - 1) my eyes are shit; I need serious magnification to paint eyes or tiny features and 2) light is the best thing; I need lots of it!

That being said, my first Elf Commander (Ral Partha 50-041) turned out far better than I expected, it might be the best mini I've painted to date! He's painted in the color scheme I use for Land Elves.


The second Elf Commander (Ral Partha Elf Warlord 50-060) for the Sea Elves is coming along and I can't wait to finish his shield.


Here's what's waiting for me to paint up once I'm done taking my time with these commanders/characters... more troops! Orcs and Goblins and some Elven cavalry. They'll be on the table at GaryCon for sure.

20160921_084232 20160922_170600 (Medium)


  1. Nice work! Hope I can swing one of your games at Garycon!

  2. That would be great! At least stop by and say "Hi" :)

  3. Wow, that is a lot of painting to do! A lot of figures to store too, btw, how do you store all of those things? We have a china hutch that we keep the ones that we don't use, for our regular games we keep them in padded boxes.

  4. Yep, it is... should be done by end of year on this lot. Just in time for my Kickstarter 2 rewards to come in... and some human figures for the GaryCon Chaos Wars demo.

    I have my DIY carrier and Son-of-DIY-Carrier.

    For the Chaos Wars figures/battles, I'm going to make a Son of Son of DIY Carrier....


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