June Painting - 15mm Armies for my D&D campaign

June was a busy month for me, preparing two 15mm HOTT (Hordes of the Things) armies in preparation for a game night on July 2 with the Chicago Skirmish crew. The armies were challenging to get together in one month, as this represented 120 figures and horses to paint and base. It was quite a challenge, but the end results were worth it.

The figures in action (because I would much rather see figures on tabletops than being pretty):

Pictures of heir catwalk moments, the armies of Humans and Orcs from my Dark Ages campaign. The colors and heraldry are the way they are depicted in the campaign for both sides. Work it, gurl!

A funny story from this month's painting though, that I started out intending on painting a goblyn army and ended up with an orc army. The things you'll discover when stripping bad paint jobs from minis you order over the Intertubes.


  1. Wow CW! looks like you spent some time on those. How many colors are you using on each of those 15mm's? I'm not sure I'd have the patience to paint those little guys and still have them looking good.

  2. Thanks. On the Humans, I definitely took some time, with the various colors. Figure about 6 to 7:
    Green/Yellow or Red/Green
    Dull Metal
    Shiny Metal

    The ones in chainmail were a lot easier, with just black and shiny metal.

    The orcs were about 4 to 5 colors:
    Dull Metal
    Tin Bitz
    Plus some extras for wood shields, or highlighting something.

    The horses were a basic color - bay, chestnut, black, dun or gray. Paint the leather and a bit of black on the socks and that's it. They got a little tiring to paint, but I distracted myself with some Shriekers/Violet Fungi miniatures.

    Probably about 10 to 12 days for the humans. Less than 10 days for the orcs.


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