Campaign Race: Goblyns

“When people think of ‘bestials’, everyone thinks of the Orcs. Yet it is the forgotten goblyns who have visited more atrocities on the ‘civilized’ races than any other species. From enslaving humans, elves and littlelings, to stealing whole harvests, from lying and cheating on treaties they never intended to abide by, to aligning themselves with the most powerful foe that Chaos provided at the moment, it is the goblyn who truly fits the description of bestial.”
The Forgotten Foe – A Study of the Goblyn by Genny Mignick, Mage/Researcher, 714YK

Goblyns are a small, green-skinned bestial race who have been a foe of Humans, Elves and Littlelings since recorded history. Goblyns live primarily in the wastes and mountain ranges, although since the Doom, they have joined with the Orcs and other forces of Chaos to conquer and colonize formerly civilized lands.

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Probably nothing too exciting or ground breaking here. Goblyns in my campaign are brutally nasty and reflect the worst qualities that we've seen across the fantasy spectrum. Where orcs are a feared opponent, they are Lawful in nature. However, goblyns are straight up Chaotic. They are the slavers of my world, capturing mostly humans/elves/littlelings, other goblyns or ko-balds, and selling same to all buyers. They are the raiders and the baby snatchers and the ones who will sell out either side for more coin or for more power/security, only to throw that away when a new powerful figure comes along. 

Greasy gray hair, green skin, coming in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Goblyns use shamans and war chiefs, which are stronger versions of the stock-standard HD 1-1 goblyn. The goblyn-king is at least hero-strength, but not much further. Goblyns also ride wolves as a sort of cavalry, although they are not very effective. Goblyns have some sort of relationship with the trolls of my world, but it's not quite understood. 

In this campaign, the goblyns near Enonia are allied under the banner of "The Green Iron Fist", named after one of my most favorite metal songs. They bear the design of a lurid green fist on their shields and standards.

"Sign your name to the Green Iron Fist!"


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