What is it?!?!

I'll let Invader Zim explain it...

"A hunter-destroyer machine!"

And it's not a "come-back" - so YDIS, go bug Kent for his latest blog iteration. Go knock him out!

No, this is pure and simple the easiest way for me to share photos and miniatures related interests, along with odds and ends about games and gaming. I am not impressed with Google+. The ability to make decent posts sucks on it.

I have absolutely zero interest in the latest OSR-drama and "What is old school?!?"  and the same ad-nauseum. Because honestly, that shit is about as old as the games you're idolizing. Or trying to make a buck off of. And you know what I think of that?

I'm so over the "OSR" -- I'm even over "AD&D IS THE ONE TRUE GAME" shit or the "WE MUST HAVE MORE ORC & PIE - NO, WE DON'T" debates ... it's just ...

I have no desire to join that discussion anymore. I dipped my toe into it the other day and quickly remembered the butthurt that so many gamers feel when you dare to question their elf-games they play. Lesson learned. I ain't got time for that shit.

This is what you get when you do a search for "this is an outrage osr" Seriously. Go try it. I'll wait.
Jesus, I forgot how much Blogger sucked. I should have opened up a Wordpress blog...

Anyway, that's it in a nutshell. Just sharing the things I love to do ... paint little metal figures and then push them around the table, or play elf-games. Yes, I still play elf-games in an "old school" fashion. No, I'm not going to preach about it. See above. You're probably going to be bored with pictures of little plastic or metal figures, or with me talking about Elder Scrolls Online or Skyrim, or about Battletech, or about just gaming stuff.

And why would I want to share that? Because...

... and I'm happily one of them who keeps doing it. At least I own my basement-dwelling, elf-game, metal toy shit.

And my bike. Yes, I still ride. But I game. Because at least gamer drama doesn't end in this...

(Although now I am imagining a police raid on GaryCon...)


  1. Good read there, Michael. I agree, life is too short and time passes to quickly to get caught up in drama surrounding our hobbies. Ride fast and play hard, brother. Hope to see you at Garycon again in 2016. Maybe this time I'll try out some BT with ya.


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