DIY Folding Wargames Table

A small cheap, DIY project that took only a day to put together, a folding wargames surface with "grass".

The project came from a post from this blog:

As it was written a few years ago, it has become hard to find "grass paper", everything available seems to be this "grass mat" which seemed to be very thick and I worried if it would lay right and be bendable enough to fold over the table edges.

The closest I could find to something like paper was at Hobby Lobby - medium green grass mat that felt more like paper:

So, I assembled the table and this is what I came up with:

As you can see, I have some areas where the paper did not lay flat enough, which I'm not surprised, I'm not a professional. I'll have to undo the staples in back and see if I can gently pull the excess slack out. But it worked nice enough and it folds up nicely enough that I can put it downstairs with a plastic bag over it for protection.

Let the (war)games begin!