Third Edition Boxed Set - 2 Lances

I've been working on painting the some-375 (now 350) miniatures that I had put on hold 4 years ago. I've also rekindled a love for the big stompy 30 ft tall walking "hunter destroyer machines!"

I like the non-military looking paint jobs, so settling on the Marik Militia colors and Lyran Guard colors was a no brainer. Camospec (the place that is "canon" for Battletech Universe colors/paint schemes) and (the biggest Battletech Universe wiki out there) have been extremely helpful.

(Click on large picture to embiggen to full size)

2 lances ready for duty! 6 are from the dreaded 3rd edition box set - the unholy crappy plastic minis. The other 2 (with smaller bases, the Steiner Assaults) are from the 25th anniversary box set.

I'm really happy with how the 3rd edition ones turned out with some work, some patience and then taking advantage of bad areas to have battle damage and weathering. If you look closely on the Zeus's right shoulder, what was an injection port for plastic became a hole where a laser strike hit.

The gloss shiny on the laser/PPC/canopies is from using Vallejo Acrylic Gloss Varnish. Adds a nice touch!


  1. The plastics look great! I'm glad to see you are getting use out of them! And that you're back to blogging.

  2. @mike - with 3 sets of the buggers, they're going to be the backbone of my 'Mech forces. Makes perfect sense for me though, I game in the 3000 to 3025 era.

    And thank you.


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