The things you discover when stripping minis

I'm doing a big push to try and get two armies ready for a schedule HOTT game in early July. I'm just about done with my D&D campaign human forces in 15mm - the militia of Enonia and the forces of Marshall Roehm will take to the field!

I had bought a bunch of painted 15mm goblins for very cheap awhile back, based but bad paint jobs. Stripped them in Pine Sol, didn't really pay much attention to them otherwise. Primed them black, took them up to paint, looked at them with the 3x reading glasses, and discovered that instead of 32 goblins, I have 32 snaggle-toothed orcs! Nice ones... but ummm... orcs don't get along with goblins in my campaign. These guys are not gonna fit in with my goblin archers and wolf riders. At least not yet...

Has anyone else had that happen, after stripping and getting all set, you discover you have something ... else? just got an order for 32 goblins... so *maybe* they'll come in enough time to get them done before my game? Maybe?