Change is in the air! I'm moving to Substack!

TLDR;  Moving here:

I've been using Blogger, formerly Blogspot, since 2008, when I was at my old blog

I've also been podcasting for a bit - started at Soundcloud, moved to Anchor. 

Those platforms have changed quite a bit over the years. Blogger's not really moved forward all that much, and it's gotten weirder in some of its behavior. Anchor was bought by Spotify and they're clearly treating podcasters like second class citizens.

I like Substack because I can have my podcast and blog all in one place! I think that will work out pretty good for me. It's got a few options. Will it slide down the long slope of enshittification? Dunno, it's a commercial enterprise, but I think if I'm off the Googles and Spotifys, I might have a chance at delaying the inevitable.

Anyway, new posts and podcast episodes will be coming out on Substack here: