Session summaries from June's AD&D/OD&D/Traveller games

 (continuing from May's OD&D and AD&D game recaps - 500 characters or less each!)

Eastern Borders AD&D game:

6/4 session: With enemies vanquished and myconid friend rescued, the PCs dispelled a magical circle and then tried to destroy a Chaos idol.

This did not go well at first, as the idol proved difficult to damage and fought back with blasts of Chaos-energy. Finally, the mage used her new wand and found out it shot fireballs... as the top of the tower disintegrated and collapsed into a pile of stone.

The PCs began a long trek back through a blizzard, finding shelter in a village. 

Western Borders AD&D game:

6/20 session:  The PCs, carrying heavy ancient dwarf tablets, creep back through the ruins and escape without incident! Covering their tracks a bit, they returned to the small hamlet. The Wizard was delighted with their find. 

The PCs debated where to go to best safeguard the tablets to get them translated by the Wizard. They decided to return to a keep where a friendly NPC lord lived.

Traveling through thick forest, they avoided giant creatures and scared off a pack of wolves. 

Dungeon23 OD&D game:

6/13 session: A PC's curiosity got the better of them. They sliced the mystery fleshy mass open, it spewed black goo & screamed. The PC is now covered in this non-drying goo. 

PCs moved to another room, defeated two large spiders. They explored more & found a triangular room w/6 pedestals, glowing gems floating above. After some investigating, trial/error, they now have the gems!

PCs can't decide between going thru a strange swirling area in a passage or returning to where flesh mass is. 

Classic Traveller game:

6/12 session: The Battlestar Lance's jump drives need parts to work, so that the fleet can escape the Helios Delta system and attacking Cylons. 

The PCs decide to scavenge parts from the fleet. Their first stop is aboard the MSS Pinnacle, a heavy freighter. The crew is all too happy to give up parts and leave the freighter behind.

PCs discover the true nature of what's going on and face a moral dilemma. Their decision nets them the part and respect.

6/26 session: The PCs are still searching the fleet for parts for the BSG Lance.

The PCs arrive at the passenger liner Cordoba, finding that it's experiencing mysterious failures. Entries to restricted areas by unknown IDs, "ghost" devices accessing the network, and bombs attached to the engines! 

Investigating a passenger riot, the PCs spot a provocateur. A quick, chase and knife/pistol fight ends it!  They find a Cylon device on him. The bombs are disabled!