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I made 70 people scream at GaryCon

... and I didn't have to take off any clothes to make it happen! But this did just happen this weekend at GaryCon IX and I have to share it.

It's Saturday night AD&D in a room full of tables with people playing games. There were about 10 tables in the room, so figure an average of 6 to 8 per table. It's about 10:30pm or so.

My players have delved deep underground and found themselves in an underground forest of mushrooms. Big tree-like mushrooms with tendrils. Small ones. Medium ones, and all growing together very close, so that you have to push your way through in order to get from Point A to Point B.

And... as you might guess... where there are mushrooms, there are shriekers.

So, I plop these two figures down in front of them and start making this weird noise to represent the shrieking - think of a lower pitched Invasion of the Body Snatcherskind of shriek.

And then... everyone else started shrieking. In the room. Every table. People turned around and faced our table…

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