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My AD&D-lite Morale/Reaction rules

I love wargames and the little bits and pieces that the old school D&D games took from the wargame heritage. One of those is morale. The fact that hirelings can flee screaming, or the goblins that have been bedeviling the PCs finally can break due to losses is what makes the combat much more interesting, at least to me. I love the dice to tell a story.

 I've thrown out a lot of what I see as the fiddlier aspects of AD&D, usually in favor of simpler rules to adjudicate.Lately, MORALE has been on my mind. I finally put to "paper" what I have cobbled together over the years. A good chunk of this comes from some OD&D Board discussion, with which I experimented with. And this is going to surprise some of the players to know that I have a secret stat for their hirelings and followers!


Henchmen/Hirelings have a 7th stat - Loyalty. Loyalty affects their morale checks if needed. This is based on the old OD&D Loyalty score:

3 or lessDeserts at first opportun…

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