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Chgowiz goes to GenCon!

Going to GenCon's 50th anniversary shindig will be amazing! I am running games out of my Entinerra/Dark Ages campaign, and I hope you'll come join them and say hi!

Here's what I'm running (links take you to the event page, where you can put it on your wishlist):

The Valiant Defense of Arcpoint  (Fri 2:00pm, Sun 10:00am) - miniatures/wargames

Defend the fortress Arcpoint as Human forces in a desperate defense or conquer it as Orcs & Goblyns ready to crush their enemy! Learn & play an old school miniatures game!

An army of Bestials, led by the Orc Warchief Kharlorz elQazi, make a daring attack to take the stout stronghold of Arcpoint. Caught by surprise, the Human commander, Marshal Vinonus gathers his defense & hopes to survive. Will the forces of Law hold out, or will the tide of Chaos sweep over fortress & threaten the lands beyond? This game will pit Humans against Orcs and Goblyns using the Chaos Wars rules. This old school miniatures wargame, first pu…

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