Session summaries in 500 characters or less!

 Alex Schroeder posted an interesting idea on Mastodon back in late March:

I liked the idea - spin down a session to its most important facts in 500 characters or less. I've started using it and it really is nice! I've always struggled with how much detail to put in recaps, if anyone likes reading my recaps. I never felt happy with previous styles, but I really like this! 

So here are the most recent recaps from my Dungeon 23 OD&D game and online AD&D game. I'm going to start posting them monthly, I think, kind of a collection so you can easily see the highlights across a month of gaming.

---- Dungeon 23 / OD&D ----

4/4: PCs figured out strange light-eating, blue-glowing-areas room was a weird dungeon centrifuge. Nobody died.

PCs returned to known rooms to retry doors that won't open. Heard babbling voices. Worked their way around the map through new rooms to get to the voices.

They found a room with boarded up door. Delayed a bit, but curiosity got them to return and pry it open.

They are now next to the room with voices, speaking in Elven!

4/18: PCs tracked down the voices and found two Elves - one quite insane! His friend Abasire was killed in the Maw.

More exploring, they came to a room with corroded ewers on stone pillars. They fought off an ambush by a large spider. They avoided a corridor with a strange black surface.

They've reached a storeroom of crude weapons, foul food and the smell of burning meat; rats are nearby.

Mad elf said to PCs: "Abasire says you're all going to die down here!"

5/2: PCs opened the door where squeaking came from. Four giant rats were dispatched w/fire, but orcs came to investigate.

They were defeated, but an elf hireling was killed and an alarm had been given! The party quickly looted crates, finding treasure!

The PCs exited and spiked the door just in time to stop more orcs! They solved a riddle by assisting 2 dying foes; reward was all PCs healed! Lost, they stumbled into a teleporter and found themselves in a known place!

---- AD&D / Western Borders ----

3/29: PCs made it out of the dwarf ruins with the rescued mage. They reunited with their hirelings/henchies who'd hidden from the enemies going in and out. 

Following an unused track, they were ambushed overnight by a goblin scouting party. Goblins defeated, but a hireling perished and part of the party was left sorely wounded. They made it to a logging hamlet, which is providing them some comfort and healing rest!

4/12:  After recovering at a hamlet, PCs spoke to the rescued wizard, who believes the secret of the missing dwarves lies in the outpost!

After outfitting as best they could, the PCs made their way back to the outpost, only to find it well guarded!

They trailed a departing party of humans/orcs back to the evil camp. Returning to the outpost, they attempted to lure the attentive guards away but that didn't work. 

The PCs have a puzzle to crack, how to get back in!

4/26:  To re-enter the dwarf outpost, PCs faced a guard force of 11 very large, disciplined orcs. PCs used smart tactics and 2 sleep spells - orcs were dealt with!

Searching for the "Hall of Records", the PCs retraced their steps from an earlier delve to a room with multiple exits. 

They found a previously encounter group of cult warriors one way and a dwarf barracks room another way. Spider webs in the barracks as well!

3rd way beckons. Session ended here.


  1. A very good idea indeed. If you keep them coming I will surely read them. They look like small precious poems


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