Dungeon 23 - Wk 21 - One Monster-type Dungeon Level

The dice love to tell a story, and it's my job as some sort of weird Oracle or shaman to interpret what the clickety-clackety magic math rocks are telling me.

Level 7 continues and - because I just can't stop when I'm on a roll - is almost done. Probably mid next week. It's the rough draft, I'll rearrange, place treasures and monsters, do some rejiggering of what is where, and copy it all into my notebook.

One monster. This is a one monster-type dungeon level, for the most part, because the damn dice have rolled the same monster result. I'm still using the Monster/Treasure Assortments by TSR, and although I'm rolling (mostly) different numbers, four times now it's the SAME MONSTER.

I'm usually trying to come up with some way to have several monster types interact on a dungeon level - how the hell do I explain just one monster type?

To be sure, there are a few other types, but ... minimal. Trivial. 

I've got a few ideas banging around, perhaps differences of opinions. Perhaps left over from when the Maw was created. Perhaps the Maw builders or architects themselves? Or something just is, because it is?  We'll see what further throws of the dice say, but for now, it's a puzzle that I'm going to twist my brains over.

What would you do with just one predominant monster type on the lower level of a twelve level dungeon?


Dungeon23 stats: as of week 21

  • Levels: 10 (+ 4 sublevels)
  • Rooms: 435 (45 added in wk 21)
  • Levels 1 - 6: mapped/keyed.
  • Level 7: Mapping/keying in progress
  • Levels 8, 9, 10 connected
  • 4 sublevels mapped/keyed
  • Town: Created, 7 locations/NPCs keyed.
  • Surrounding Wilderness: Created, locations/NPCs keyed