Dungeon 23 - Wk 22/23 - Level 7 finished

Level 7 is finished with 9 days to go in May, and I'll probably start on Level 8 next week. It took me a big longer to write up the key, as I've been extremely distracted with rediscovering Classic Traveller

For Level 8, I'll stick with my technique of using the OD&D/AD&D Random Dungeon Generator for passages and room contents, and with the Dungeon Architect Cards for the rooms themselves. 

Level 7 is going to be the last of the dungeon levels that I stock randomly, in terms of monster generation. I've learned enough about the Black Maw and what it is and what it does that the last 5 levels are going to be more focused in terms of occupants and what they represent. Level 7 was a step towards that, with some reveals of the Black Maw there. Level 8 will dial that up.

The campaign playing in Dungeon23 is going well! It's tough for the players to make progress at 2 hr sessions, every other week, but they're at it and they've had some memorable moments in May already!

This is the end of my sixth month of doing this, as I started earlier than Jan 1. I'm still hanging in there, still having fun, still refining and tweaking what I do. I'm having to learn to think differently about these deeper levels, as the players should be getting close to superhero level when they get to this point. That's quite an achievement and they need to be challenged appropriately!

This might mean I have to start relooking at Chainmail as a potential combat mechanic... but we'll get into that next month!

If you're doing Dungeon23, I hope the end of the fifth month finds you still having fun, no matter how you're doing it.


Dungeon23 stats: as of week 23

  • Levels: 10 (+ 4 sublevels)
  • Rooms: 441 (6 added in wk 22/23)
  • Levels 1 - 7: mapped/keyed.
  • Levels 8, 9, 10 connected
  • 4 sublevels mapped/keyed
  • Town: Created, 7 locations/NPCs keyed.
  • Surrounding Wilderness: Created, locations/NPCs keyed