Dungeon 23 - Wk 24 - I Can't Stop Mapping! Sharing More Random Tables

I think I may have a slight problem... I am enjoying mapping way too much and I can't stop at just 5 to 10 min. 

Over the past week, I've filled up half of the two page month for Level 8. I just get to rolling with the OD&D/AD&D random dungeon generator and Dungeon Architect Cards and it's just too much fun to see what comes next? Or what's beyond this exit of the chamber? And what lies down that passage? And before I know it, I'm halfway done mapping Level 8!

I'm excited about level 8, as I mentioned last week, this level is going to mark a change in the randomness of the monsters. So perhaps that's what's going on.

I've been using my "emptyrooms" Hex Describe abulafia tables to help with dungeon generation. I found the passage rolls to get tedious, so I created tables for them, and I put buttons on my Ref Tools webpage to simply click when I need them.

There's a slight bug with the side passages - because I can get an X intersection, which feeds into a T intersection, which then has a Y intersection and it becomes quite the... mess. I just ignore it and either use the first result and go on from there, or I do another roll. 

Anyway, find the tables below, if you have an abulafia generator or you want to use this in Hex-Describe.


Dungeon23 stats: as of week 24

  • Levels: 10 (+ 4 sublevels)
  • Rooms: 479 (38 added in wk 22/23)
  • Levels 1 - 7: mapped/keyed.
  • Levels 8: mapping in progress
  • Levels 9, 10 connected
  • 4 sublevels mapped/keyed
  • Town: Created, 7 locations/NPCs keyed.
  • Surrounding Wilderness: Created, locations/NPCs keyed