My plans, post G+

That picture is still funny.

With Google Plus on the final leg with shutdown happening in March or April, there's a lot of interest in who is going where.

I'm active on Facebook and the 1st edition AD&D groups there, theMiniaturesPage, my blog here, /r/osr over on reddit, and on Discord (Chgowiz #5911).

I had used Google Plus lately just as a way of keeping track what is going on, and I've started using Feedly again to keep track of blogs via RSS. I've also been poking about a bit more on the OD&D Forum, which is still one of the friendliest forums you'll find. 99% drama free, and I like it!

You can still reach out to me via email:

I hope y'all find happy landing spots. Game on!


  1. Good info. I'm sure I'll keep seeing you around.

  2. How does one get into the OD&D forum? I don't know the main dude and it seems I need to be verified by someone?

    1. Hi HDA - here's what Marv/Finarvyn writes about that:

      "This forum has been "closed" since at least 2013 in order for the sole purpose of keeping the SPAM bots out, but it has always been a safe haven for gamers of all editions. Recently, a number of people have been asking how to join this board. The process hasn't changed in years but I don't think I ever spelled it out, so here goes....

      How to join our OD&D Discussion community:

      1. PM me at Dragonsfoot, K&K, theRPGsite, the Goodman boards, the Troll Lords boards, or any other board where I post regularly. I'm easy to find as I post as Finarvyn pretty much everywhere.

      2. Be sure to say a couple of words in your PM about why you want to discuss OD&D so that I know that you're a real human. I will also need a valid email address to send an invite to from Proboards.

      3. If you don't seem to be a spam-bot or a sock puppet, I let you in.

      It's that simple. :)"

      Hope this helps!


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