New Act for my online Dark Ages game made public

Fall 21, 56 AD (Anno Doom)

It is a quiet and tense ride back to Skalfier, and the horses need to be ridden hard to try to make it there before nightfall.

Claudia has remained silent, and TAKASHI hears brief words only whispered, perhaps a prayer.

As you get close to the outskirts of the city, you realize that while Claudia riding with TAKASHI isn't a big deal, nor TOBIAS riding with GRAIAN, but the trussed up woman lying on the horse behind CALLIN is sure to raise the eyebrows of the guards at the gates that you are now approaching...

And things got even more interesting after that intro...

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I divide up my online game by Acts, like chapters. It's usually based on when the party moves from one location/hex-point to another. The current Act, I leave private, but the completed Acts are made public, for players to go back to and if anyone wants to read them.

Rizzoma is the child of the old Google Wave technology. It's a pretty reliable service, based in Russua. It implements enough of the old Wave technology to still be very useful - embedded replies ("blips") in the topic flow, multimedia and embedded 3rd party code, like dice rollers.

We've been playing for a year and a half, but funny enough, they've only progressed about 26 days game time. Play by post can be slow.

I really have a lot of fun with my players - Alan and Joseph play their characters really smart and very well - when Joseph starts proselytizing about "The Light", I can feel the emotion in his words. Alan plays a taciturn half-elven warrior really nicely, but his interactions with his new trainee are wonderful. Gabriel plays a curious, no-fear (sometimes) littleling (halfling) to the fullest, and when I tempt him with coins, I can feel that "aw man, do I/don't I?"

Derek and Chris are players who also play in my tabletop game, so that's a delicate balance. The tabletop game is 2 years ahead. So a bit of balancing to be done. They both are also really good role players - Derek makes a very convincing teen-age boy and Chris suffers through my traps and tricks really well!

If you've got some time, want to meet flying, talking, giant black-birds, see how racist elves can be in my world, or read a love-tragedy story, here's the Table of Contents to public acts:

The Dark Ages - Southern Seas - Act 12 - Skalfier - Fall 21 - Fall 21, 56AD