Going to GaryCon 2017!

I'm thrilled that GaryCon 9 will be in late March! That completely works with my schedule, which tries to cram as much into early March as possible.

I will be offering four events this year, three of which are in, and will affect, my ongoing D&D/wargame campaign:

  • Two RPG sessions geared to exploring places in my campaign world that no player has ever been to before. For the past two years, my players have seen the return of the Dark Ones - the evil beings who enslaved the Lands a millennia ago. Now, players will face a grave threat to the Kingdom of Men, Elves and Littlelings -- who will answer the call for adventure and glory in the face of the crushing might of the Lords of Chaos?
  • One wargame session, most likely using HOTT (Hordes of the Things) or Ral Partha's Chaos Wars rules. The forces of Chaos have arisen and taken hold in the East and West. But a grave threat rises in the North. The war horns grow louder and closer as the armies of Woe march on civilization. Will the forces of Men and Elves be enough to turn the tide against the Orcs, Goblyns and traitorous men of Chaos? Or will a new age of enslavement to the might and power of Chaos be upon us?
  • Sunday Morning Battletech/Mechwarrior. Yea,  I know... it sounds like a bunch of tinfoil-hat bullcrap. But let me tell you something... I was there when all those people died on Poulsbo and that ancient Jump Ship disappeared. So don't tell me that having a giant sphere orbiting a planet and spitting out smaller orbs isn't bad news. Something happened, man... and the Houses... they know it! It's worse than anything we could imagine... and if I were you, I'd not take the contract to go investigate. You'll end up dead.. or worse!
I just hope they open up event submission soon...