COVID and original editions gaming - week 2

I hope you all are surviving as best you can during these hard times. I hope you and your families are safe and well!

We are doing well. I started a shelter-in-place earlier than the state of Illinois required it - I have a high risk family member in my house. It'll be 3 weeks this Monday that we've been staying socially distant. But... we've started playing games on a (mostly) nightly basis!


I wish I had more to say or write at this point, but I've been working much harder at my job than in the past, as we are related to the health services field. I'm fortunate to be working from home, as is my son.

I also spent the weekend helping with Virtual GaryCon, which went off in grand fashion! I ran my AD&D Heist Game, which I will write about in more detail later. If you'd like to see how that game went, here's a link to the stream broadcast of it.

Beyond that, gaming has both taken off for me, and has changed. Taken off in that I'm playing a lot more, both with the family and online. Changed in that almost everything that was tabletop before is now virtual. I just got a Zoom membership so that my tabletop group can still play, and that my online games can take on a more personal dimension.

If there's one thing COVID19 might do to our hobby, it is to thrust it kicking and screaming into the 21st century. I saw guys from the start of the hobby in the 70s running online virtual games. It was fantastic! I'm really glad that the elders get a chance to expand the reach and appeal of the original style of gaming.

This is hard, though, because I am not as motivated in some ways (painting, terrain building) and much more motivated to PLAY. I'm not sure why I'm feeling that way, but there it is. I feel guilty looking at all the minis to paint, but I'm playing and writing a lot about my campaign!

Speaking of which, I hear the kids upstairs starting a game... time to go play!