What's on my miniatures painting workbench this week (4/25/19)

I've been slowly working my miniatures' mountain to a small hill and now it's a speed bump. I have 17 miniatures left to paint. [1]

Those 8 unprimed minis are the last of the unprimed in my inventory. The rest are works-in-progress or waiting for me to get to it.

That nasty looking bugger with the eyes... he's been a curse and a pleasure. I finally have the fleshy bits looking like I want. I've left the upper half gloss varnished, so I can work on the tentacles and not worry about ruining the completed paint job. The claws serve as nice places to brace against, so I'll do them last.

Those painted figures are waiting to be varnished and based.


[1] I do have some "projects"/"dioramas" that are sitting on the shelf. One is for a GaryCon diorama using the solar mini from 2018. One is a King Arthur diorama for the PrincessWife. But I don't count those... that's my story and I'm sticking to it! *grin*