[Three Hexes] Where Do I Go From Here?

Last week, I published my 52nd Three Hexes - FINALLY reaching my goal of a year's worth of campaign starters. It took me a lot longer than a calendar year - I had a huge creative dry spell hit.

So now what?

Well, I've been thinking about what to do with these campaign starters since I started the series. I've gotten some great feedback on how helpful they were, how they were getting used. That's awesome! That's the kind of thing that really keeps me going, knowing that someone else made use of what I create.

So I have an idea to make them into a book. Right now, I'm going through them, and revamping them. I'm taking a page from Bryce's preachings over at tenfootpole.org and making them far more useful. I'm trying to make each sentence have something concrete in it. Rather than just fluff or background or atmosphere, try to wrap those into something that is immediately useful as a "thing" - whether it's a faction, opponent, NPC, magical item, beastie or treasure - SOMETHING that is useful.

So that means for the campaign, homebase and 3 locations, that's 3 sentences each of something useful.

Once I'm done with that manuscript? Well, we'll see.

The last time I tried to come up with something to sell, it didn't go so well. This time, though, I have a plan and I think it'll be OK.

So for now, Three Hexes is on pause. I'm going to keep blogging about other stuff going on with my games - soooo many games right now, and miniatures painting and Hirst Arts building making and, and, and...

What do you think? What else could I do with them?

Finally, I have to take a moment to pay tribute to a lost friend... my dog of 13 years, Bear.

One of Bear's favorite spots, in a sunbeam.

He was a large chocolate lab and over the winter, his quality of life declined greatly. When we visited the vet a couple of weeks ago, she gently told us that it was time to really think about where our lines were with "too much suffering" and we realized that we were very close. So, family decision made to let him go. We enjoyed a last week with him, and on Monday, April 8th, we sent him over the Rainbow Bridge. We did it in-home, so he got to enjoy his last sunbeam with us around him.

I miss him terribly. He would love it when everyone would come over to game with us. He greeted each and everyone, and made to see if they brought food. He loved the snack table I would set up and I saw him once or twice manage to get something that was dropped to the floor.

I have so many good memories of him, and this still feels surreal that he's gone. He was the bestest, goodest good boy dog.


  1. I'm so sorry about Bear. Our pets really do become members of our families, and losing them is always hard. I hope your memories of him are, and remain, a source of comfort.

    1. Thank you for the kind words!

      The memories are definitely helping. My way of dealing with grief seems to be sharing all the good, and funny memories of him. It's weird how it's progressed from almost crushing sorrow to a type of surreal dream-like going through the motions, and now a type of guilt that I'm not feeling either of the two anymore. I know grief is different, I've never had to deal with the death of a pet before.

  2. Sorry for the loss of Bear. Looks like he was a great friend.

    1. He was! He had his quirks and his own wonderful personality. He loved "his peoples" and I miss him terribly.

  3. Sorry to hear about your pooch.

    I like the idea of a Three-Hex Book. It would be nice to have all of your hard work collected in one spot.

    1. Thanks. It's going to be hard work to get this to where I'd happy to publish it, but we'll see.


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