Tartan'ing up my minis

Finally! I have access to a phone that can take decent miniature pictures. ThePrincessWife - Angie - has a Pixel 3 and the camera is, quite frankly, stunning.

I've been working on a Chaos Wars militia/levy unit. I have 3 Ral Partha Scots Pikemen - historical figures - and I thought it would be neat to attempt painting their capes in tartan.

Well, Amazon and Hobby Lobby don't sell tartan paint, so I checked out a few tutorials, watched a couple of videos and then attempted a simple design...

Not too shabby! Encouraged, I tried a somewhat more complex design...

Feeling pretty good about myself, I then tried a more challenging design...

I think they turned out nicely! I'm glad I only had 3 Scots though, tartan is not easy!

My biggest tutorial/help was this page: A Step by Step for Painting Tartan Patterns

What do you think?

To my US readers, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have the day you are hoping for.


  1. Those look awesome, Michael, great work!

    1. Thank you! Now that my wife has the Pixel 3, I'm going to be taking a lot more pictures, the camera is fantastic!

    2. The pics do look great, keep sharing!

  2. Wow! That last one is just crazy detailed and amazing.


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