Help a teacher teach D&D!

I've been trading emails with Eric, who's a teacher out of Vermont. He's a listener to the Dungeon Master's Handbook and reached out for some help. He's looking to do a summer program in 2019 teaching kids how to play and GM Dungeons & Dragons!

The rub is that the school won't fund the project, for him to buy materials, dice, books, etc, so he's started a fundraiser to help him out!

Here's the deal - if I can get readers to contribute $50, I will match that and make it $100 to help Eric teach some great competencies as well as share the love of our game!

UPDATE: We made it to $50 in the first 15 minutes. Wow, thank you! I will match another $50 total - so if we contribute a total of $100, I will match that! One thing to know... if you donate in the next 5 days, enter the promo code "LIFTOFF", and a group or grant known as New Teacher's Fund will match your donation, making your gift double (up to $50)!!!

UPDATE 2: We did it! The D&D class is fully funded - THANK YOU!

I've been corresponding with Eric over six weeks now, from when he first reached out to ask if I would help teach the class on campaign design (using 3 hexes!). I'm willing to put my money where my (big) mouth is, I feel he's on the up and up.

Will you help? I hope so! Leave me a comment and let me know you contributed, please! We get to $50 from you wonderful readers and I'll match that.


  1. Made my $50.00 to a great cause ! Thanks Michael for making me aware of this effort by your effort.

    1. Wow, that is awesome! Ok, I'm off to match it! Thank you!


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