Miniatures Roundup, Mid-Dec 2016

I've been doing a LOT of painting over the past 3 months. Between completing an army of Bestials (Orcs and Goblyns) as well as leader figures and some assorted monsters, I've completed nearly 100 miniatures! I've also done some homebrew battering rams and started on some Hirst Arts terrain.

I (still) have not had a decent moment to gather all of these figures up and take decent photos, so many of these shots are cell-phone, Work-In-Progress quality. I hope you enjoy the slideshow of what I've accomplished in the past 3 months.

Coming up, I have roughly another hundred to paint before GaryCon in March and Little Wars in April, as well as finish two major terrain pieces and various scatter pieces. *whew* A small mountain, but I'm determined *and* I've learned a lot about painting to tabletop quality while making them look nice!

Enjoy the slideshow! (Note: If you have Flash disabled, you can go here for the album:


  1. Those look great! They inspire me to paint my small pile of Ral Partha goblins (eventually).

  2. Thanks Keith! I hope you'll paint them up soon.


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