When I catch a glimmer of the All-Spark-of-Creativity...

I mentioned Driver's Thool last night on a Google+ update, as a homage to the type of information and depth of mythology of a campaign.
Scott Driver's old World of Thool blog is serving as a "meta" inspiration to how I'm approaching the overviews and histories behind my Dark Ages campaign. I'm no Scott Driver with that kind of imagination, but in how he was very thorough in his history, his mythology - that's what I'm trying to create. Doing these (player) maps (of my campaign world) and starting to build the ebb and flow of lives across the lands has given me a lot of ideas percolating. 
I got to thinking about what I really enjoyed reading and writing -- it was those creative sparks, those bursts of energy where I can almost feel the words take shapes and thoughts of their own, breathing and living our imaginations and our worlds and our dreams and nightmares.

One of the things I did/do not want to do on the new blog is repeat the rabble-rabble-rabble of the old blog. That was a different time/place. The blogosphere today is different than the one in 2008-2011, yet it is kinda the same. It's interesting to see cycles and circles complete and restart on thoughts and topics. Anyway, I digress...

The thing I love seeing and search for, are those inspirations. Like the old posts from Taichara or Scott Driver or Jeff Rients or even Alexis from Tao. I would take those ideas and tinker.

I've found a couple of blogs that do that today, but they read/feel like the type of gaming that JR3 and Zak like to do. That's their game, it's not exactly the whimsical/dark/fantasy that I like to play. But they sometimes get the juices flowing.

I think maybe I should start doing some of that again... posting the bits and pieces and inspirations. Share it forward. Because I find myself wanting to go read the real Grimm's Tales again and start thinking what really lies in the shadows of the Lands of Men... and creation begets creation...


  1. I've always read blogs for that exact reason -- getting ideas and inspiration for my own stuff. Some are really rich for that (like Thool) and, even if a blog is not my style, I often find good ideas from them.


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