Pedion Kickstarter - The Unboxing of the Awesome

Last year, a gentleman by the name of George Panopoulos starting blogging about a crazy idea... creating 3d terrain tiles that could connect by magnets and be reused, as well have hills and trees that could be shuffled around with magnets.

He followed that up with a pretty amazing looking Kickstarter in May of 2015. I have to admit, I was pretty skeptical. This was both at the height of the Greece-Economy-Madness (which is still happening there at a local level, but that's another discussion for another place) and I was still thinking about Dwimmermount and $48,000, Nystul and all the other failed Kickstarters floating around. This seemed like a reach for the moon that was going to fall flat. Still, George persisted, he answered my questions extremely politely and well enough to convince me to part with cash. I'm *so* glad I did, because he's delivering on the promise.

Today, after an 11 day journey, my Pedion Tiles finally came. Because this is a vanity blog, I'm sharing the unboxing photos first... then the real reason that I bought what I bought...


As for the real reason I bought these specific tiles, 99.999% of you Battletech fans will recognize the classic Battletech map that has come with every boxed set that FASA/WhizKids/Catalyst Games has released. This map...

Now, to be replaced by this...

Yes, I nerdgasm'd. DON'T JUDGE ME!!!!!

Thunderbolt: What the hell is this?!? Where's our flat cardboard surface?!?
Locust and Maurauder: WEEEEEEEE!!

After a hard day at the battlefield, nothing like taking a refreshing bath...

Shhh. If we're quiet, they won't see us.

Whammy's gonna hide... maybe...
And it looks good for 25mm figures as well...

@thePrincessWife's fighter approves. Charge!
Finally, it came in this pretty cool reuseable box, which I modified a bit to add some internal styrofoam runners to keep them from bouncing around...

I'm very impressed by the tiles themselves and the quality of them. They do exactly what George said they would do, and the fact that they all fit into this carrying case, is really cool. I can easily run a 3' x 3' wargame on the tiles I have. I purchased 11, I would 5 more to make a 4'x4' surface. Which, once George is done with his Kickstarter Rewards fulfillment, I intend on getting.

If you're interested in the tiles, and finding out more, go here:

Or go see George and his staff hard at work on Google+ here:


  1. Oh they do look awesome, looking forward to playing a game on them!

  2. You bet, Chris! Can't wait to see our 'Mechs throwing down, although now we have to learn a few new rules for the tape measure style of game!


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