Son of DIY Miniatures Carriers

Back on the old blog, one of my most viewed posts was for the DIY Miniatures Carrier. I had amassed too many figures for the Battlefoam 216 packs, I didn't want to pay the premium price for other carriers, but I needed a lot of storage and portability. Hence, the DIY carrier.

Fast forward to this past week, and I'm looking at the various plastic boxes and minis rattling around, and I realized that I needed to make a second carrier. So.. back to Hobby Lobby for polyfoam and soft foam sheets, and back to Walmart for the 11"x11" soft cooler....

... except a lot has changed in the past 4.5 years since that original post. They don't sell the 11x11 anymore! Did I want a larger or slightly smaller cooler? I settled with the smaller cooler. Here's what it looks like so far:

I'm hoping that I can squeeze 5 trays at 2" thick into this bag. We'll see. I need 3 trays for my 15mm HOTT elements and 2 trays for my 1/72 Sumerian DBA armies.

Given the large number of Ral Partha Chaos Wars minis I now have, I am thinking I'll end up getting the larger 36 can cooler and using that for the 25mm.

 I've also learned that instead of using Photoshop and/or Word to make my grid, I'm now using good old fashioned graph paper. It's just easier than messing around with printing and trying to get the margins lined up right. Analog can be easier than digital!