Session summaries from May's AD&D/OD&D games

(continuing from last month's OD&D and AD&D game recaps - 500 characters or less each!)

Eastern Borders AD&D game:

4/8 session: PCs regrouped after escaping imprisonment by a chaotic mage faction. They devised and successfully executed a grab & fly of a friendly drudge of the mages. 

With info from the drudge, they began to plan how to rescue their still-imprisoned myconid friend from the mages, but were interrupted by a search party of guards!

Still invisible, they entangled the guards, who surrendered. Interrogations gave them more info for the rescue!

5/7 session: Based on what the PCs learned from their prisoners and the druid speaking w/animals, they waylaid a 2nd group of guards! 

More info led them to using invisibility and a d30-fueled sleep spell to eliminate the remaining guards around the mages tower!

Bursting thru the door, the PCs webbed two mages, magic-missiled a 3rd and caused a 4th to attempt to fly away invisibly. Cliff-hanger end at the final rounds of combat to go! 

Maybe the PCs will rescue their friend?

5/13 session: The PCs couldn't stop the last mage from flying invisibly into the tower and teleporting away, so they secured the lower floors. One webbed mage surrendered, the other didn't and was dealt with.

The PCs re-entered the dungeon  and found the "forbidden" area, which was filled with the stench of undeath and decay. They rescued their myconid friend!

The remaining mage didn't survive  torching the web. The PCs explored the tower and gained some loot! Now where do they go?

Western Borders AD&D game:

5/10 session: In the dwarf outpost, PCs explore a passage, finding webbed chamber & an area close to familiar human voices. Sounds from webs tell PCs something's there.

Cautiously entering the webs, PCs spy 2 man-sized spiders & 1 enormous black spider dripping venom from its jaws. Battle ensues, with strongest fighter sickened from a bite, & cowardly, but brave in death, henchman cleric mortally poisoned. 

PCs find a "safe" area and rest to recover spells. Gustav's life slips away.

5/24 session: PCs spent a nerve-wracking rest period in the dungeon listening to enemy warriors in surrounding rooms. After preparing spells, they emerged, but only found evidence of battle and of trying to open a strange door of metal and spikes. 

PCs cautiously made their way through a trapped room, injuring 2 in the process. 

They found a dwarf spirit who allowed them to enter the Hall of Records. They may have clues to why the dwarfs left the Lands of Men and where they are now!

Dungeon23 OD&D game:

5/16 session: The party camped at the mouth of the Black Maw, only to have their sleep interrupted by a procession of hundreds of ghosts streaming out of the dungeon! Most the party ran away, the crazy elf NPC & a brave character stayed behind.

The PCs went to town & learned a bit more of the nature of life around the Maw - cyclical "gold rushes" when Maw delvers get lucky and rich for awhile.

The crazy elf, now a "human noble" will lead them on the next foray into the Maw! What can go wrong?

5/30 session: The PCs re-enter the Maw to explore the area where the crazy elf claims to have been.

They found faint purple footprints at a door. Upon opening, they faced a wounded creature w/ tentacles that paralyzed Edwin! They killed it, Edwin recovered.

Unfortunately, Glyn snapped, at the next room, he charged rats eating at a body! He fell to them, the PCs burned the rats and recovered possible magical armor. Now they face a strange fleshy mass suspended by vessels as thick as arms.


  1. Wow. Tracking three campaigns at once would be DAMN confusing (for me, anyway). Are each of these groups run with different players?

    1. One of my players is in all three campaigns. Another player is in two of the three (Eastern Borders AD&D/Dungeon 23 OD&D).

      It takes some juggling and note-taking, but I've gotten used to it!

      PS. Nice to hear from you again! I hope you're doing well.

    2. Thanks, man. I'm doing well enough.


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