Hommlet and GaryCon 2024 - start of a new project - 3d dungeon!

I'm back into 3d-printing again. I'd tried it out in 2019, with an Ender 3. After a period of failure and frustration, I sold the printer. 

Inspired by a recent Kickstarter and an idea, I've purchased an Anycubic Kobra which was very easy to set up and use. It's printing to tabletop quality right out of the box. 

So now begins part two of my "Rescue of Hommlet" project... the dungeon.

A couple of years ago, I build a model of the Moathouse from the D&D module T1 - Village of Hommlet. Along with that model, I put together a scenario, rules and a force of figures, inspired by Paul Stromberg's "Battle of the Moathouse" scenario from GaryCon 2018. If you'd like to see those build posts, click here.


I think the scenario, as I've written it, will be great fun in a 4 hour session, but something's felt incomplete... what about the full vision of a fight to the Moathouse AND a delve into the dungeon beneath? 

Enter Fat Dragon Games and their recently completed Kickstarter for new sets of 3d printed dungeon tiles. You print these out, stick them together and now you have a 3d model of your dungeon. 

In addition to these tiles, FDG also provided a set of almost all of their previous dungeon tiles, and backers had an opportunity to buy them for $0.99. They call it their Dragonlock Lost Dungeons set.

Looking over these, I realized that I could have the entire model of the Moathouse for my game - both above ground and below ground!

I found an online tool, DungeonPrint, that allows you to make a model using FDG tiles like Legos, then it gives you a list of the tiles you need to print. So I got to work...

From this...

To this!

While not 100% accurate, it is close enough for tabletop play! 

I'm doing the walls in a low profile format, as I'm converting my scale for this game from 25mm to 15mm. The why is another story, for a later post. Not all of the models/tiles are built as low wall profiles, so that's why the above layout looks a bit goofy, with some tall walls, and some short.

Well, there's Tinkercad to the rescue! 

3d printer models come in an "stl" format, which is a standard format used by CAD and 3d-modeling tools. If you get a 3d model as an stl file, you can pull it into Tinkercad and make modifications, which is exactly what I did. Using the files from the Lost Dungeons set, and from another FDG "low wall" expansion set, I've created low wall versions of tiles that weren't available. 

Here's the print of two of them - corner wall/door tiles that will form the entrance to rooms 2 and 3 from the Moathouse dungeon.

Only 250 or so left to print!

So coming to GaryCon 2024... the entire Moathouse and a scenario to go along with it!


  1. I got to play in the skirmish this past GaryCon and it was awesome (despite losing badly), definitely looking forward to the next iteration!

    1. Thanks for the kind comments! I'm glad you had fun!


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