Podcast Episode 24 - 2019 Year End Reflections and Call-In Q/A

Direct link: https://anchor.fm/the-dungeon-masters-handbook/episodes/Episode-24---2019-Year-End-Reflections-and-Call-In-QA-e9p06m

My thoughts on the OSR of the past 2019 and coming 2020. As well, I answer call-ins from listeners and other podcasters!
Leave me a voice message and let me know what you think! (312) 625-8281‬ (US/Canada)
On Anchor: anchor.fm/the-dungeon-masters-handbook/message 

Intro music: Dragonaut by Bradley The Buyer (bit.ly/2ASpAlF)
Outro music: Dream by Wild Shores (bit.ly/2jbJehK)


  1. Did you change something of your setup? I no longer see a download link in my feed reader, and as I listen offline that's kind of crucial for me.

    1. Ignore me, I'm confused. It was the blog feed I was looking at. Looking at the podcast feed it looks just ok. Sorry.

    2. No worries! I'm glad you were able to find it. I did change the theme of the blog to a lighter/whiter look. If you find other strange things, please let me know?

      Happy New Year! I hope 2020 brings you lots of great games!


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