Little Wars - Picture Time!

I attended Little Wars on April 28th through 30th in Lombard, Illinois. It's put on by the folks from the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society Midwest chapter (HMGS-Midwest). I ran two Chaos Wars fantasy games there, helped Rich Smethurst run his two Chaos Wars game and generally had a ton of fun!

I'd never been to a full Little Wars before, and as a new attendee, I was impressed. The hotel, Westin, was fantastic. Huge gaming area, but I never felt it was too loud. Nice vendor and flea market area. The food was good and plenty of options on the main road near the hotel. The staff was great, answering questions and keeping on top of things. Everything was organized well. A lot of people at the convention. I'm bad at estimating numbers, but hundreds, I would guess.

The space was HUGE!

The view Sunday before I ran my last game: