Chgowiz goes to GenCon!

Going to GenCon's 50th anniversary shindig will be amazing! I am running games out of my Entinerra/Dark Ages campaign, and I hope you'll come join them and say hi!

Here's what I'm running (links take you to the event page, where you can put it on your wishlist):

The Valiant Defense of Arcpoint  (Fri 2:00pm, Sun 10:00am) - miniatures/wargames

Defend the fortress Arcpoint as Human forces in a desperate defense or conquer it as Orcs & Goblyns ready to crush their enemy! Learn & play an old school miniatures game!

An army of Bestials, led by the Orc Warchief Kharlorz elQazi, make a daring attack to take the stout stronghold of Arcpoint. Caught by surprise, the Human commander, Marshal Vinonus gathers his defense & hopes to survive. Will the forces of Law hold out, or will the tide of Chaos sweep over fortress & threaten the lands beyond? This game will pit Humans against Orcs and Goblyns using the Chaos Wars rules. This old school miniatures wargame, first published by Ral Partha back in 1986/87, has seen a rebirth from wildly successful Kickstarters in the past two years. Play with troops, heroes, fell creatures & war machines that all come to life on the field of battle.

It could be that Arcpoint has a similar gate/wall...
Chaos Lurks in the Old Crater (Sat 7:00pm) AD&D 1e/RPG

Danger! Rumors grow of terrors from the Old Caves Crater, once ruled by the Dark Ones! Brave the depths of forgotten horrors, defeat the Chaos that rises again! Mid-level pregens provided.

You have answered a summons by the Duke to investigate a horrible rumour - that the ancient Dark Ones, beings of great Chaos, have returned to the Lands! The twisted tunnels and dark caverns of the Old Crater may hold the truth and the source of the coming woes. Will you face the peril and deny Chaos entry back into our world? This adventure is set in Michael "Chgowiz"'s campaign world of "The Dark Ages." Since 2009, the players have explored a world of danger and adventure, where the civilized races are in retreat against a black tide of Chaos and war. This adventure is for mid-level AD&D characters, using AD&D and houserules. Pregens will be provided. You have a unique opportunity to affect the story and history of an on-going story, by adventuring in locations never before run in this campaign's history.

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I hope I'll see you there!

A bit of my personal history with GenCon:

It's been a long time since I went to GenCon. The last time I went was 2009. Swords & Wizardry won the Ennies Silver/2nd place award for Best Free Product. Matt Finch asked me to go collect it - which I found out meant I had to go on stage with remarks! Fortunately, I didn't make an ass out of myself.

Prior to that, I went to GenCon back in 1992 or 1993. The CompuServe FSFORUM was rocking with the awesome X-Wing Starship Combat Simulator game and I went to Milwaukee to get Timothy Zahn (of the awesome Star Wars Thrawn trilogy) to autograph some prizes for a forum contest.


  1. Very cool volcano link, Michael---thanks!

    Have a blast at the con! :D


  2. It makes me very happy to see a Dark Ages game will be played at Gen Con!

    1. All of my games - wargames and tabletop - are in the Etinerra/Dark Ages world now. And they all affect each other. :)


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